Using the Generic Tax Return in SAP Business ByDesign

This blog describes how to use the Generic Tax Return in SAP Business ByDesign. The generic tax return feature is used for tax reporting purposes for countries/regions that are not localized in SAP Business ByDesign. This is a payment-relevant tax return type.

For more information about generic tax returns, see:

Generic Tax Return as Tax Return Type

(The online help provides you with the list of countries/regions for which a generic tax return is available. In case your country/region is not listed, you can contact SAP for delivery of the generic tax return for your country/region.)

The generic tax return selects all tax events for a country/region. When you release a tax return of type Generic Tax Return, the system performs all related postings to clear the input and output tax accounts against a tax liability account for the tax items in the given period.

Generic Tax Return – Details :

There is only one tax return type per country/region.
“999 – Tax Return” is supported.
The data provided is not presented according to the reporting requirements of the country/region (e.g., tax boxes). Amounts are available per tax event and not according to reporting criteria.
Using Generic Tax Returns
This section describes how to use the generic tax return feature for Finland.

Tax Authority
You must set up a tax authority for Finland that contains a tax return arrangement for tax return type “999 – Tax Return” (this is referred to as the generic tax return in the system).
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