A rollout project is extending of the current SAP system to a new location or a business type. The structure for the implementation remains similar to the parent company' only a few minor adjustments are done at the new location to suit the organizational requirements. The same business processes are added to the new location as the existing one. Because the configurations have already been done at the previous site, time for implementing the new project would be considerably less. We at Indigi provide you with quality roll outs by properly understanding tasks and interests of both the parent company and the subsidiaries.

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We use the ASAP Focus Methodology for efficient and quick implementation of the business solution. The ASAP Focus methodology includes stages like Evaluation, Delta Requirements, Pre Project Activities, Project Preparation, Realization, Final Preparation and Go Live and Support. Our team of skilled consultants will guide you through each step of using the software ater th enew implementation has been done.

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