About Us

Indigi Consulting & Solutions

As Technology is evolving at a rapid rate and it becomes necessary for any organization to adapt to this change when it has a vision of growth. Indigi team specializes in helping businesses of varying sizes realise their full potential by upgrading to the latest technology, adapting the best practices in Industry, providing business solutions, restructuring their conventional methodologies.

By leveraging the expertise of our highly qualified Industry experienced consultants, we evaluate, analyse and provide solutions that are most befitting to your needs. We believe to partner in your progress and ensure that your success is delivered.


  • To deliver industry-focused SAP solutions to help customers improve their business processes and business performance.
  • To provide exceptional quality, service and value to our customers.
  • To help companies across Northeast India and Southeast Asia to be competitive in market and grow with Technology.

Why Choose Us

Customer focus

Our outstanding customer focus means we have never lost a customer.


Our deep understanding of select industries helps customers increase efficiency and profitability.


We are a truly global SAP consultancy, with offices and clients all around the world.


We constantly adapt to the changing needs of our customers to meet their objectives.


No hidden fees, no binding contracts, and an open and honest approach.

Value driven

We create innovative solutions to deliver real business value.